Advertisement and promotional campaigns

Since we see ourselves as true partners with our clients, we advise them daily on their advertising campaign projects. We actively guide our clients in the development of creative concepts that respect applicable Canadian laws and the laws of Québec. Our philosophy has always been to help take your ideas as far as they can go.

We diligently proceed to both the script reading and the analysis of our clients’ advertising campaigns, whether in print, television, radio or for Internet. Our advice is straightforward, quick and practical. Furthermore, we assist our clients in the development of advertising projects revolving around themes or products governed by a specific legislative framework, such as:

- Automobile Advertising
- Food Advertising
- Drug Advertising
- Advertising aimed at children
- Alcohol Advertising
- Bank Advertising

We are experts with regard to the Charter of the French Language that governs the use of the French language in commercial advertising. We are constantly called upon to give our opinion concerning commercial practices subject to application of the Consumer Protection Act and the Competition Act.

In addition, we represent the advertising industry in negotiations on working conditions under the collective agreement between the Union des artistes and the Association des producteurs conjoints (a producers association) for the advertisement sector. As a result, we are the best positioned to advise you when the time comes to evaluate the services of an artist in the context of producing your advertising messages or hiring an advertising spokesperson.

How we help you

Industry Knowledge: We know our clients’ needs, as well as their time and budget constraints, thanks to our experienced lawyers in a firm specializing in the advertising industry for more than 25 years. We respond quickly to your questions at whichever step in the creative process you may find yourself.

Script Approval: We assist you throughout the approval process for your advertising scripts, working in conjunction with advertising pre-clearance agencies (such as Advertising Standards Canada, the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux etc.). We will quickly make the appropriate recommendations to you concerning applicable laws, so that your scripts can be broadcast on time in various media. In the case of any disagreement with these agencies, we can negotiate viable solutions with them to ensure you obtain the necessary approvals.

Applicable Legislative Framework: We help you to better understand the legislative framework in which your new client or potential client must operate. This allows you to align the creative process with the specific legislative regulations that apply to your client’s product and with which your team may not be familiar (i.e. Drugs, food etc.)

Advertising Aimed at Children: The product of one of your clients is aimed at children, and you want to advertise in Canada and especially in Québec? We can help you find a concrete solution by developing material that complies with the relevant legislation.

Music/Images: On your behalf, we can obtain the necessary rights to use music, images, and/or other protected works in your advertising messages. This is in addition to any licenses required for use.

Did you know that…

We hold regular “brainstorming” workshops for advertising agencies and their clients. Our goal is to help them understand the restrictions and laws that apply when creating their promotional campaigns and their advertising messages. We closely monitor the evolution of an advertising campaign until to its media release.

Some industries are regulated by standards that are specific . For example , specific rules apply to advertising in banking , pharmaceutical, automotive and food.

Using the testimony of a consumer in an advertising campaign requires its prior approval.



Did you know that ...

We act as “advertising consultant” for the member agencies of the Association des agences de publicité du Québec (AAPQ, an advertising agencies association), and we are in constant demand from producers on issues related to the application of the collective agreement on advertising.


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2017 mai 23

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On May 2nd, Bill no. 134: An Act mainly to modernize rules relating to consumer credit and to regulate debt settlement service contracts, high-cost credit contracts and loyalty programs was introduced to modify the Consumer Protection Act, among other laws.

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