Protection of personal information, privacy and access to personal information

With the advent and meteoric development of the Internet and various technologies that enable easy collection, retention and transfer of data, it’s not surprising then that consumers are more and more concerned with the protection of their personal information.

We have developed an enviable expertise in the field of personal information protection that enables our clients to adopt practices that comply with laws relating to the protection of privacy, and conform to industry norms. We advise them notably on the collection, use, retention and transmission of personal information in the context of their promotional activities or their company’s current activities. We also advise our clients on the subject of access to information.

Our clients deal on a daily basis with issues that affect personal privacy in the collection of personal information on their web site. These issues concern the nature and form of consent that must be obtained, or relate to the use of a list received from a partner. The questions are many and our team is able to respond to them in a simple and efficient manner.

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We have the expertise to offer consulting services in the case of errors and omissions pertaining to web, television and cinematography productions.


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2016 février 12

How Privacy Legislation Affects Your Organization

Someone sends you an email requesting an estimate; an exchange of communications follows. Another person calls you and leaves a voicemail; you call her back and she becomes a client. You exchange business cards with a potential client at a networking event; you later email him about your organization’s activities. These are just a few examples of situations that are quite commonplace but which nonetheless raise privacy issues. Does your organization comply with applicable laws when it comes to managing the personal information that it holds? Are there rules to follow?

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Julie-Anne Archambault
Julie-Anne Archambault
Ms. Julie-Anne Archambault practices in business law, mainly in information technologies and intellectual property.
Sophie Deschênes-Hébert
Sophie Deschênes-Hébert
Ms. Deschênes-Hébert advises advertisers and advertising agencies for their campaigns.