Publicity Rights and Libel

We are constantly called upon to advise our clients, working in the field of advertising and entertainment, on the subject of image protection or libel. Whether it’s an advertising or promotional campaign, the setting-up and use of a photo bank or a contract for a spokesperson, we are always prepared to intervene.

Copyrights are different from image protection. As a result, even when authorisation to use a photograph has been granted by a photographer, this authorisation most likely does not cover the image of the person appearing in the photograph. Care is therefore required in obtaining all necessary authorisations.

How we help you:

Marketing and Advertising: We can help you with everything pertaining to authorisations for the use of an image necessary in the development of your advertising campaigns. We can also undertake the obtainment and drafting of necessary authorisations.

Litigation: Our lawyers frequently work in the area of conflict resolution and are regularly called upon to give opinions and to make representations before the court in litigation involving image protection, libel and invasion of privacy.

Did you know that...

The license granted by a photo bank, with which you do business, does not always authorize you to modify the photograph or to create a new image by means of a photo montage.

Did you know that ...

We can quickly perform a preliminary research on the availability of a trademark before you present your clients or partners with a new slogan or trademark that may engender confusion with an existing trademark and therefore cannot be used.


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