Family and matrimonial law

Family law is constantly evolving and has undergone some reforms in the last 20 years, in order to respond to new social realities.

Our firm has adapted to these changes and offers all the appropriate services in order to respond to your needs.

Whether it concerns a divorce, a separation, an application for child support or custody, we can adequately advise you and successfully represent you. We stay abreast of new decisions and related legislative provisions in our efforts to look after your interests. In addition, we do not hesitate to propose mediation and to give priority to the negotiation of judicially assisted dispute resolution as the situation may allow. We always seek the solution that best responds to your circumstances.

How we help you:

Separation or Divorce: We advise you on the division of your marital assets and inform you as to your obligations and rights with regard to child support, receipt or payment of a lump sum or a compensatory allowance. In combining our legal expertise in family law with that of our experts in tax law, we can propose strategies that will help your financial situation.

Legal Custody of Children: We assist you in your decision-making concerning appropriate custody arrangements, and we advise you with regard to your rights and those of your children, especially the right to child support. Our intervention can take the form of representation before the courts or negotiating and drafting an informal agreement.

De Facto Union: We will suggest precautionary measures to provide you with the necessary protection, such as drafting a civil union contract that meets your needs. We also advise you concerning your rights and obligations in the event of a relationship rupture, especially in the case of unjust enrichment.

Did you know that...

A great number of cases in family law are resolved informally when you benefit from judicious legal advice, even in situations where conflict has been present for some time.

In order to protect your rights, it is crucial to have ratified by the court any agreement with your ex-spouse that either modifies the terms or childcare arrangements.

In a divorce, it is possible, in some circumstances, to request an unequal sharing of marital assets.

The detailed analysis of corporate structurre spouse, corporation, partnership, sponsorship corporation, trust, etc. is essential to protecting your rights. The common-law status does not give rise to the provision of maintenance for the benefit of the spouse in the event of breakage. It is therefore important to provide an agreement to this effect if that is the intention of the parties.

Did you know that ...

In order to protect your rights, it is crucial to have ratified by the court any agreement with your ex-spouse that either modifies the terms or childcare arrangements.


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2016 July 11

Non-competition and exclusivity clauses are having a hard time

On January 19, 2016, the Superior Court looked into a litigious situation which emphasises the importance of properly writing non-competition and exclusivity clauses, and the burden it can be to ensure they are respected.

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Odile Gaudreault Vézina
Odile Gaudreault Vézina
Ms. Gaudreault Vézina focusing her practice in civil and commercial litigation and also in family law.
Pascale Gouin
Pascale Gouin
Ms. Gouin practises civil and commercial litigation. She pleads before the different levels of Quebec tribunals.