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Areas of Practice


Whether it’s financing through venture capital, share subscription, debentures, equity or convertible loans or by any other method of capitalization, our professionals will play an active part in the negotiation, due diligence and conclusion of your transactions, putting the protection of your interests first.

Our specialized business financing team will identify business risks when they arrange your financing and advise you when negotiating your letters of intent. They’ll lay the groundwork of the transaction you’re planning in a way that corresponds to your expectations and needs.

Our support

Here are just a few of the subjects our expertise in business financing covers:

  • Negotiating financing offers and letters of intent, due diligence and negotiating and concluding transactions
  • Providing recommendations on the appropriate financing structures
  • Arranging bank financing
  • Providing recommendations to entrepreneurs and creditors when surety bonds or subordinated claims are required
  • Arranging the guarantees required for the financing granted
  • Managing your credit facilities by negotiating repayment terms, the guarantees granted and the surety bonds required by the lending institution

Did you know

Exchanging shares issued by a company for others from the same company does not constitute a disposal of shares for tax purposes in certain conditions.

The tax authorities may send a company or individual a new notice of assessment within three of mailing the original notice of assessment.

Guarantees for bank financing may come with limiting conditions favourable to the entrepreneur in certain circumstances.

A trust is an indispensable tool for any person in business or who has simply accumulated wealth on a certain scale. It’s a means of protecting one’s assets, and a multitude of tax advantages come with it.

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