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Areas of Practice

Communications and marketing

We’ve been pioneers in communications and marketing law in Quebec, and true partners of the players in the industry, for over 40 years. We have a team entirely dedicated to communications and marketing law that understand the situations and issues specific to the industry. Our team keep a constant ear to the ground for new developments in this ever-changing industry.

More than ever, advertisers and agencies have a wealth of possibility to win over consumers. From developing native, traditional and digital advertising projects, to the social networks and their influencers, on to data use, public relations, brand development and activation, our team of specialists in communications and marketing law are tough, diversified and well-equipped to support you in your projects. We offer practical advice and strategies that contribute to making our clients’ projects a success.

Our involvement in the pharmaceutical field has grown considerably since 2007, and we now work closely with the compliance department of pharmaceutical companies to establish their SOPs and we also draft and review contracts with healthcare professionals, whether as speakers or as members of an advisory committee, and review communications directed to healthcare professionals and those intended for their patients. We also analyze various initiatives, in particular direct-to-consumer advertising and information campaigns (DTCA/DTCI), in order to make appropriate recommendations taking into consideration the Food and Drugs Act, Health Canada’s policies, self-regulation codes (PAAB and ASC) and industry codes, such as the IMC Code.

  • We advise our clients right from the brainstorming stage so they understand the restrictions applicable to their promotional campaigns and commercials. We closely follow the evolution of an advertising campaign right up until it is communicated in the media.
  • We can help you develop your promotions in Quebec and Canada, but we also have the expertise necessary to help you organize publicity contests around the world. We do business with a number of foreign counterparts and we’ve helped many of our clients develop promotions on an international scale.
  • We represent the Joint Producers Association (APC) in negotiating any first collective agreement with the Union des artistes (UDA).
  • We act as “ad advisors” for the member agencies of the Association of Creative Communications Agencies (A2C). We advise A2C and its members on matters relating to the application and interpretation of the collective agreements used in advertising and all other fields covered by the Status of the Artist Act.
  • We regularly hold training workshops for members of the A2C, the Association of Canadian Advertisers and the APC and internally with employees of our clients working in the communications marketing industry.
  • We can provide advice at the right time when you have options to exercise or notices to submit to comply with your contracts.
  • We can quickly carry out preliminary availability searches to avoid a situation where a signature or new brand you submit to clients or partners fizzles because it’s too much like an existing brand.
  • We offer a monitoring service for your brand that will help protect it from infringement. We’ll scan the registers on an ongoing basis to identify trademarks similar to yours or that might be confused with it.

Did you know

Using a consumer’s testimonial in an advertising campaign requires their prior approval and, in certain cases, obtaining a permit from the UDA.

In Quebec, certain competitions must be registered with the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux.

Certain industries are regulated by standards specific to them. For instance, specific rules apply to advertising in the banking, pharmaceutical, automotive and food industries.

Reproducing the images of certain public buildings in an ad requires obtaining authorization beforehand.

Our support

Here are just a few of the ways we support advertisers and creative communication agencies:

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