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Areas of Practice

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property protection is an integral part of our firm’s offer of services. It’s a field that covers all rights granted over intellectual creation—encompassing not only ideas and creations in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic domains, but also the nitty gritty of intellectual property use: photographs, music, drawings, illustrations and reproductions, TV commercial concepts, symbols, names, images, industrial designs, and models for future use.

Clients seeking to commercialize their intangible assets in Canada or abroad come to us for advice, and we also represent them before the courts for any challenges or disputes of infringement.

Our support

Here are just a few of the subjects our expertise in intellectual property covers:

  • Licences and authorizations to use protected content: your commercialization plans can be stymied if content you need is held by third parties (copyright, software and trademarks). We’ll help release the rights by obtaining licences or assignments.
  • Preparing and negotiating a range of copyright-related agreements, such as contracts for licencing, research and development, distribution, assignment of rights, use of protected works, and online terms of use
  • Due diligence for companies with copyright-protected assets undergoing commercial transactions, e.g. mergers and acquisitions

Did you know

We offer a monitoring service for your brand that will help protect it from infringement. We’ll scan the registers on an ongoing basis to identify trademarks similar to yours or that might be confused with it.

We can quickly carry out preliminary availability searches to avoid a situation where an idea for a signature or new brand you submit to clients or partners fizzles because it’s too much like an existing brand.

We offer a monitoring service to notify you when you have options to exercise or notices to submit to comply with your contracts.

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