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Conflicts between shareholders and directors’ liability

Conflict of interests

The appearance of a conflict of interest is as detrimental to honour, dignity and credibility as a real conflict of interest. A conflict of interest begins when a physical or legal entity is directly or indirectly involved in multiple interests and one of these interests has undue influence over the others. A conflict of interest is not necessarily illegal or criminal, but it raises doubts and suspicions about the integrity and impartiality of people in positions of authority.

With our acknowledged commercial expertise, we can quickly offer you an opinion on the various options available and what chances each has for a success outcome. At any time, you can count on an available team, responsive to your needs and aware of your objectives. Our sole concern is your full satisfaction.

Exclusivity clauses and unfair competition

We’ll also advise you on any situations that fall under the protections of commercial law, including the application and interpretation of exclusivity clauses, unfair competition and intellectual property. Last but not least, with our in-depth knowledge of the causes of conflict in the commercial field, we can give you the right advice if you need to draft an agreement between shareholders, an employment or service contract or a contract specific to your industry.


In the face of accelerated change in the digital world, on the social networks and in technology, it’s more vital than ever to properly manage the reputations of businesses and individuals. All public communication that is false and whose goal is to damage a person’s reputation is considered defamation, and the consequences of these actions can be devastating.

Verbal or written defamation includes printed, written, filmed or recorded remarks. Verbal defamation includes remarks made out loud and can also include gestures. However, verbal defamation can be difficult to prove. Our litigation team will be able to advise you on the best legal strategy to take.


If you’re a creditor and looking for advice in recovery matters to recover an amount of money, it’s important to read up on the law, because legally debt collectors must abide by rules of conduct. It is forbidden, for example, to lie or mislead a debtor in any way whatsoever in an attempt to recover an amount you are owed. Because there are several factors influencing the approach to take in a recovery, our litigation team will ensure interventions are carried out in complete transparency.

Here are just a few of the subjects our expertise in litigation covers:

  • Contractual and extra-contractual liability
  • Real estate litigation and commercial leases, representation before the administrative and appeals courts
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Labour and employment law, for employers and employees
  • Family law and collaborative law, in or out of court
  • Tax litigation

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