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Family law and collaborative law

Whether it’s for a divorce, a de facto separation, or a request for alimony or child custody, our team in family law will be able to successfully advise and represent you. We keep a close watch on the new decisions and ever-changing legislative provisions that might apply to cases like yours. We’re fully equipped to respond to new social realities and look out for your interests and those of your family.

Our advice when it comes to the partition of heritage assets, the obligations and rights involved in granting alimony or a compensatory allowance, custody of children, or a civil union contract are adapted to new legislation. A detailed analysis of the corporate structure of spouses in business together—corporation, general partnership, limited partnership, trust, etc.—is essential to protect your rights. Because de facto spouse status makes a spouse ineligible for alimony in case of a breakdown in the relationship, it’s important to provide for an agreement to this effect if that’s what the parties want.

We offer the following services in family law and collaborative law:

  • Representing you and negotiating divorces, separations and breakdowns of civil unions
  • Representing parents and negotiating legal custody of children, and child support
  • Writing up civil union (or de facto union) contracts
  • Expertise in taxation and notarial law

Collaborative law

We also offer collaborative law as a negotiation process involving four people: the two spouses who are divorcing or separating as negotiators and their respective lawyers who advise and assist them. This four-person negotiation always takes place in a spirit of collaboration, because the goal of collaborative lawyers is to encourage discussion and settlement.

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