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Communications and creative agencies, ad producers and advertisers

Whether you’re a creative communications agency, an advertising production house, an advertiser or a brand, our team of communications and marketing specialists will be able to advise you on all the legal and commercial aspects of your initiatives in the communications, marketing and advertising industry.

Our team also represents the communications marketing industry in negotiations over working conditions applicable in the communications, marketing and advertising industry and covered by the collective agreements of the Union des artistes, the AQTIS and the CQGCR. Our team will advise you on the way these collective agreements are interpreted for your particular production.

Our support in communications marketing Here are just a few of the ways we support communications agencies, advertisers, artists and publicists:

Advertising, promotion and marketing:

  • Analysis of campaigns, commercials and other marketing initiatives
  • Contractual and commercial agreements in advertising
  • Social media
  • False or misleading advertising
  • Advertising contests and lotteries
  • Commercial advertising directed at children
  • Rules specific to the pharmaceutical, natural health product, medical instrument and cannabis industries
  • Rules specific to certain industries: banking, automotive, food, alcoholic beverages and cosmetics
  • Writing and negotiating contracts in these fields, on subjects as varied as sponsorship, influencers, engagement of artists, advertiser-agency agreements and more
  • Advertising litigation before the common law courts and specialized bodies such as Ad Standards and the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board
  • Gift certificates, discount coupons, samples
  • Loyalty programs

Consumer products and compliance:

  • Packaging and labelling compliance
  • Cannabis
  • Charter of the French Language
  • Contracts and compliance with consumer protection laws

Intellectual property:

  • Copyright (literary and artistic works, software, etc.)
  • Trademarks (product names, company names, logos, etc.)
  • Right of publicity
  • Agreement to commercialize intellectual property (licence of rights, transfer, etc.)
  • Representations before specialized administrative courts and common law courts

Our areas of practice

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