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Areas of Practice

Construction and financing

The buying or selling transaction is a complex one, and a major investment that often requires procuring adequate financing. In any real estate transaction, moreover, multiple parties are involved, and you’re often likely to bear the brunt of the responsibility. That’s why most people turn to professionals. There’s a reason real estate transactions are a multi-stage process: it’s to protect your rights in an often unfamiliar environment. And that’s where our notaries, lawyers and tax specialists come in.

Our team in commercial real estate law, specialized in each of the different facets of real estate transactions and hidden defect in construction, are equipped to provide you with the best advice and strategies, formulate logical solutions to impasses and take on any challenge you’re up against in a real estate transaction. Whatever the scale or complexity of your transaction, our team will dedicate the time and resources necessary to bring the transaction to a satisfactory close, in time and on deadline.

We offer a wide range of services intended for businesses and developers. We can assist you in your negotiations and supervise every step of your commercial real estate transactions.

Did you know

The legal certificate showing the immovable’s current status (land and building, vacant lot) is an essential document for any purchase. This certificate will demonstrate if the immovable is encroaching or suffering from encroachment, and if there are any easements affecting it. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a legal certificate when purchasing a property, whether it’s a constructed site or a vacant one.

A company’s administrators may be held personally responsible for environmental problems caused by the contamination of an immovable prior to its acquisition, whether or not they even knew about the problem.

A commercial lease must be published in the applicable land register in order to notify any subsequent buyer of the fact that it is bound by that lease.

The Securities Act applies to all businesses, both public and private, so it’s important to verify that every title is issued and transferred according to the provisions of the law.

When a seller of an immovable fails to follow up on an accepted offer of purchase, you can bring an action in execution of title and preregister your right in the land register to prevent the immovable from being sold to a third party.

Our team will accompany you by offering you the following services

Due diligence process, including titles searches and securities affecting the real property
Identifying and assessing a real estate project’s opportunities and risks, and hidden defects, condominiums and commercial leases
Preparing all the documentation required for acquiring, developing, building, financing or negotiating a real estate sale
Arranging and setting up the financial structure
Identifying the optimal structure and best vehicle to adopt when acquiring real estate projects
Analyzing the tax aspects of acquiring, selling or holding real estate properties

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