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Cannabis guidelines

Cannabis’s legalization has changed the industrial landscape and forever impacted sector after sector.

Our experts will be able to support you in the challenges you’re facing in your own industry, particularly if you’re an industry stakeholder, marketing specialist or employer.

Our support

Here are just a few of the subjects our expertise in in the cannabis industry covers:

Advertising, promotion and packaging

  • Product packaging and labelling
  • Trademarks for products and services
  • Advertising and promotion for products and services
  • Rules specific to the pharmaceuticals and food industries

Litigation of condos or rental properties

  • Owners living in co-ownership
  • Rental property owners

Labour law

  • Effects of the new situation on the workplace
  • Use in the workplace
  • How to monitor consumption in the workplace
  • How to intervene when there’s a problem
  • Consumption and social activities
  • Duty to accommodate as an employer

Our areas of practice

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