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Areas of Practice

Real estate and co-ownership

The Papineau Lawyers team, expert in co-ownership and real estate law in Quebec joined LJT at the start of the year. Undisputed reference in these fields, this team of professionals is made up of four seasoned lawyers.

Aware of the many current challenges that are constantly evolving, the co-ownership team deploys an integral service that meets all of the legal needs of condominiums, administrators, managers and co-owners.

Our support

Our team will be able to assist you in divided and undivided co-ownership law as well as in real estate law.

Consultation and training

We can accompany you through the steps of buying or selling a property and advise you on its administration. In addition to our legal expertise, we also offer training for the various stakeholders in the real estate industry.

Mediation and arbitration

We are accredited to act as mediators and arbitrators. These services are provided by experienced lawyers who, in a structured approach, maximize the achievement of the settlement and avoid costly and lengthy legal proceedings.

Representation in court

In order to defend or assert your rights or to negotiate the best possible settlement.

Transition assembly

Make sure you have fulfilled all your obligations as interim administrator of your union as well as to your guarantee plan administrator - leave it to us to coordinate your union's transition process.

Presiding officer

To ensure the efficient, orderly and harmonious conduct of meetings of co-owners, retain the services of professionals such as us, who are familiar with co-ownership law and applicable procedures. Read also "Le Guide de procédure et de fonctionnement des assemblées des copropriétaires (2018)".

Common charges

Our team can help you to collect common charges, if you represent a syndicate, or to contest sums claimed by a syndicate, if you are co-owners. See "Les Charges de copropriété et leur recouvrement (2011)".

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