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Engineering consulting’s contribution to the Quebec economy is sizable, though little documented. The sector employs over 33,000 workers in Quebec alone and contributes $3 billion to the Quebec economy. The larger companies represent 60% of total employment in this market, while medium-sized and small companies represent 30% and 10% respectively.

And business is no longer a local affair for the larger companies: over 40% of their sales now come from outside their principal market, Quebec. The smaller engineering consulting companies tend to work closer to home, doing 82% of their work in Quebec, compared to 9% outside of the province.

The majority of engineering consulting firms are Quebec-owned, with over 60% of their clients coming from the private sector. To navigate this ever-evolving industry, our team specializing in engineering consulting—who know a thing or two about the entrepreneurial drive—offer an integral 360˚service for any legal need that might arise in your industry.

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