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Harnessing the efforts of architects, engineers, materials suppliers, workers and contractors, who together team up to build our roads, bridges, homes, schools, hospitals, factories and businesses, the construction industry in Quebec is one of the province’s largest.

With over $46 billion in capital expenditures, the construction industry represents 12% of Quebec’s GDP, or one job in 20, distributed across three sectors: industrial, institutional/commercial and residential. With employment earnings of $6.1 billion, most of the industry’s employees—over 100,000, in fact—work in the institutional/commercial sector.

Residential construction comes in second, with over 55,000 employees, while industrial construction is the smallest employer, with nearly 20,000 employees.

Whether you’re an engineering firm; a general contractor; or a builder of real estate, infrastructures, or residential or commercial buildings, our team specializing in construction will be able to offer you integral service for all your legal needs.

Our team in litigation can also support you in case of disputes involving real estate and construction law, acquisitions, development, real estate properties, due diligence, title searches, securities, hidden defects, condominiums and commercial leases.

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