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Franchising is a commercial and legal agreement by which a franchisor (the corporate enterprise) agrees to provide a franchisee with a brand, know-how and permanent assistance in return for payment or a percentage of the profits.

In Quebec, the franchise industry represents 12,139 business enterprises, points of sale and service points, up 12% since 2014. Responsible for over 200,000 listed jobs, it generated sales of $25.8 billion in Quebec alone. In short, the franchising world is a powerful driver of economic development that has significantly outperformed the Quebec economy as a whole.

It is estimated that nearly 66% of business enterprises in Quebec are held and managed by franchisees. The others, just as important, are of the “corporate” type that are managed by the franchisors themselves.

We are experts in the franchise field, and our team will be able to give the right advice on your franchise or franchises.

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