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Acquisitions, mergers and transactions

Bringing a company’s merger, acquisition or sale to successful completion requires an excellent understanding of that company’s business environment. This includes a due diligence process to identify, isolate and minimize any potential business risks related to liabilities and earlier legal proceedings, but also the negotiation process itself for any trade agreement and its conditions.

Our business law advisors have successfully completed a multitude of transactions of all kinds, in the most varied of sectors. Because we’re staffed with a specialized team that includes tax specialists and notaries, our firm will negotiate and provide you with the strategic advice you need to make your transaction a success, whatever its mission and scope.

Our support

Here are just a few of the subjects our expertise in acquisitions, mergers and transactions covers:

  • Transfer of family businesses
  • Management and employee buyouts
  • Sale and liquidation of businesses
  • Cross-border operations

Did you know

Adequate planning avoids the pitfalls involved in acquisitions transactions.

A number of structures are available to ease the transmission of a family business. Taking the transaction’s financial and tax aspects into account is crucial.

If the transaction involves two parties located in two different states, it’s possible to submit the transaction to the more well-known laws of a third state, even if neither the transaction or the parties have anything to do with that state.

Establishing agreements for share purchase and sale options eases the process of transmitting a company to its management.

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